How to earn money with youtube

How to earn with youtube.. Youtube se paise kese kamaye
Most of the people ask how to earn money with youtube..

There is only one way to earn money online…
Yes,youtube only you earn 1000+ per day money with youtube..

If u want to earn money and exited to earning money online then follow these step…

1- First make your youtube channel..
And set audience public..
2-Make your own videos by the help of dsrl cameras with your friends , family etc.
3- Make only hd videos and trending videos beacause hd and trending videos give 101% better respones..
Now come to the point..

You make hd videos and u uploaded then most important thing is traffic (views)…

Gave minimum 1000+ traffic in one day..

Promote your videos which u uploaded in your channel..

Promote your videos link channel Link..

Promote means – jyada se jyada peop…

Who will win 2019 election in india

Who will win 2019 election ..

Election 2019 the biggest voting system..All india give vote to one candidate.. In 100% people maximum 80%+ people give the vote to narendra modi because he is good prime minister.. And they have right to win election..

Narendra modi gives 101% better services to poor peoples and give water,electricity to poor areas...

Most of the people is only fan of narendra modi. So friends no any chance to win this election other parties...

Only win bjp party...

Peolple dont give vote bjp parties they only give vote to the name of narendra modi..
They devlop india in veri few year..

Narendra modi finish all the black money..
And they convert black money to white money...

So friends i thinks narendra modi ji comes in india and people made the prime minister ..

Share this message to all your friends and family..

How to get instagram Followers and some hacking tricks

How to get instagram followers

If u want to get instagram followers then read full messages...dont forget that...

Instagram,youtube,Facebook,twitter etc

All services are available...


How to get it.?

Open instagram and search

This account gave these types of services..


Trusted person dont cheated anyone..
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Facebook all services👍✔

Youtube all services👍✔

Us number is also available u make whats app account of this number or calling facilites
Number like +1 954 464 6349👍✔

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Instagram and faceboo…

How to impress a girl in school

If u want to impress a girl and wants to making full this message...

If girl is study is same school and same class..

Then do 1 thing__

Take care of a girl .. And remember a girl only talk with u if we talk some other boys then no chance to make better gf..

If u go to coofie or any hotel With a gf  then bath daily or spray perfumes....Make better hair styles..

Wear new and Fitting clothes in a school and wear some common things like watches.. Sports shoes ..sports shoes..
Company bags..

Talk with a girl minimum 2 hours in a day

Dont use abuse or other languages only talk with easy and simple language use only proper hindi And english...

Post only better pic in a social media pic click only a dsrl and then upload in social media...

Buy chocolates for a Girl because mostly girls likes chocolates..

Do this all activity...

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Which team is win in vivo ipl 2018

Which team is win in vivo ipl 2018

Csk is the first team they play like a hero and capton of this team is Ms Dhoni..

Ms Dhoni is a very very good player They make 100+ run in a few balls Ms Dhoni is a suprb player..

In this time csk team is on 1st ..

So i tell u with the garaunted csk is win this vivo ipl 2018...

Chennai super kings is a veri nice team devlop by Ms Dhoni...

Csk players lists vivo ipl 2018
4.muarli vijay
9.sardul thagur
10.mtchel santner 
11.harbajan singh
2018 ipl winning dream csk team

Csk team is going suprb no any conclusion going only csk is ipl 2018..

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