How to impress a girl in school

If u want to impress a girl and wants to making full this message...

If girl is study is same school and same class..

Then do 1 thing__

Take care of a girl .. And remember a girl only talk with u if we talk some other boys then no chance to make better gf..

If u go to coofie or any hotel With a gf  then bath daily or spray perfumes....Make better hair styles..

Wear new and Fitting clothes in a school and wear some common things like watches.. Sports shoes ..sports shoes..
Company bags..

Talk with a girl minimum 2 hours in a day

Dont use abuse or other languages only talk with easy and simple language use only proper hindi And english...

Post only better pic in a social media pic click only a dsrl and then upload in social media...

Buy chocolates for a Girl because mostly girls likes chocolates..

Do this all activity...

Help for god child give please

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If u have any query then comment given below...


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