Who will win 2019 election in india

Who will win 2019 election ..

Election 2019 the biggest voting system..All india give vote to one candidate.. In 100% people maximum 80%+ people give the vote to narendra modi because he is good prime minister.. And they have right to win election..

Narendra modi gives 101% better services to poor peoples and give water,electricity to poor areas...

Most of the people is only fan of narendra modi. So friends no any chance to win this election other parties...

Only win bjp party...

Peolple dont give vote bjp parties they only give vote to the name of narendra modi..
They devlop india in veri few year..

Narendra modi finish all the black money..
And they convert black money to white money...

So friends i thinks narendra modi ji comes in india and people made the prime minister ..

Share this message to all your friends and family..


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